— Some words about CaviarPlaces —

Be serious & eat caviar

CaviarPlaces® is a business run by an impassioned team.

It is competence and expertise of demanding professionals.
Above all, it is willingness to share our delicious product and present it to genuine connoisseurs.

CaviarPlaces® : Business of Dignity

Mr Jean-Marc Places and his wife Svetlana who are the CaviarPlaces founders, owing to their primary occupation and passion for the sea, they have visited many places on different continents. And only few could offer them high-quality caviar.
So they ventured to launch their own production of caviar which you can order and buy irrespective of your actual location…Having rigorously selected the best aquaculture they went on to develop their innovative preparation recipes. Today they truly cherish quality as their top priority.

CaviarPlaces® : Matter of Taste

CaviarPlaces presents a unique class of caviar, exclusive, prepared for amateurs and fine connoisseurs of food. CaviarPlaces is a business of honor and dignity run by people of their word that strive to anticipate the desires of their clients seeking to enjoy this brand product.